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      Jes consulting in Kenya for team.

     Vacation or traveling in my mind often feel like dirty words.  The idea of needing a break or time to relax can fill me with anxiety, not a felling of something to look forward to. Jes often says things like, “vacation, what for” or ” I don’t have time for that?”.  The truth is, she’s right.  Biocraft excels because we put things on our plate and when the plate is full, we attempt to make it a little bigger.  People ask us “if we ever sleep?” or “how do we get so many things done”, the stretch comes because we seek to serve and in that we get to relax knowing that we are making a difference wherever we go,  The joy comes from the realization that planetary service is not something that can wait for us while we “take a break”.  Everyday the goal is leaving things just a little better than we find them.  This planetary service is the reason that we consult, volunteer and work Internationally.

The connections, learning and building that one acquires through traveling are not to fulfill ones own personal growth (although of course that happens as well), rather to aid in the course that is ecosystem design.  After all, we are the directors of our own movie, so traveling enables us to affect change everywhere we are.  The -everywhere you go- approach often used by sales forces has the same potential in the environmental movement.  Sure, “think global, act local” are words that all of us can live by, that being said I’d like to spread the word.

Kyle & Roberto building a treehouse at Punta Mona in Costa Rica

The intimate relationships that can be built through careful observation don’t come by spending all of your money  on tourist destinations, they come by truly supporting the local economy.  Economy, rooted in the greek word for home, to me means only one thing, the Earth. We travel and support the earth by implementing strategies that effectively create relationships, steward the earth, and design regenerative ecosystems.  This approach to traveling keeps life interesting and eliminates this supposed need for time off.

The internet is swamped with information about traveling with purpose and is of course not an idea that we came up with.  Often searches on the topic lead you down a path that is right for you or make you laugh about what purpose may mean.  There are many ways to master, love, and enjoy the gift that is exploration of our planet, at Biocraft, the goal is leaving it a little better than we find it.

We are grateful to have connections around the world that can direct others towards service in these ways.  If you are curious about ways to explore service minded travel, please reach out.  We are happy to consult others directly to find these avenues.  Together we can make a difference for the people and the planet.