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We have reached the point in the year when materialism and environmental disconnect are celebrated on a fake “holiday”, better known as Black Friday.  This event is somehow so important that my computer recognized that I did not capitalize black or Friday.  Just to be clear Black Friday is not a holiday.  It originated in the 50’s in Philly after hoards of shoppers created a nuisance for the local Police force– extending their work hours due excess traffic and shoplifters. The idea that buying things could be somehow sacred, or holy is absurd.  You can not imagine my chagrin to find that it is now even “celebrated” here in Kenya and around the world!

What To Expect

 Customers do battle for cut-price goods on Black Friday
People have created a facade of a holiday that fully demonstrates their complete lack of control and insatiable appetite for more.  This is the inherent problem with society, the driving force of the need for more is allowing for the large scale destruction of our Planet.  Herds of people flood the roadways, migrating towards the illusion of a better life through things.

This illusion is perpetuated by advertisers, government, and a society that is escalating our own destruction.  80% of the population is expected to participate in Black Friday, that is almost 20% more than the amount of people who showed up to vote!! Imagine if we could get that many people to plant a tree on this day!  That would be 262 million trees planted in ONE DAY!

Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, so called Black Friday, in Wheaton, MD.

Americans are expected to spend at least $86 billion dollars over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.  However that will account for only 13.7% of the total November expected sales.  Where does this money go- things.  People vote with their dollars. Many continue to choose to invest in material goods.  When will we value our time differently?

The assumed need for things makes us work forty plus hour weeks. We commute to work, to afford things.  These two days are followed by a month long buying spree that is perpetuated by another holiday, this one however is “holy”. Another excuse to go spend lots of money buying stuff from China! Christmas lovers spent 729.3 Billion Dollars last year in 2018.  What would Jesus (if this in fact why you celebrate Christmas) think–as we skip by humans freezing in the streets, to get our material goods made by slave children?

The season of gift giving is polluting our planet, which will only increase as population grows and we continue to buy more and more. Currently many States have contaminated drinking water.  People claim that eating organic is too expensive, YET we can afford BILLIONS in just one day on things

 Imagine if we spent that on our health- and cleaning up our Planet!  Here are some people who have done just that….Click the links if you are interested!  Wangari Maathai of the Green Belt Movement planted over 51 million trees!  Rob Greenfield just donated his tiny house- his possessions fit into one backpack by choice!

Recently I received an email from The Earth Day Foundation urging me not to wait and purchase one of the T-shirts for Black Friday!  Are they aware that textiles account for over 5% of Landfill waste?  Are they for the Earth? Or are they for profit?

fast fashion landfill, recycling, waste

 “It’s this attitude toward the earth, that it has unlimited capacity, and the valuing of resources for what they can buy, not what they do, that has created so many of the deep ecological wounds visible across the world”.  -Wangari Maathai


We are too disgusted to continue after reading all these stats; going to take a walk among the trees.  We want to remember what they look like. Soon they might all be burned up or paved over to make new roads to get to more things…. Biocraft boycotts Black Friday-if you read this and decided to do the same- please tell us.  We will plant a tree in your honor!