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By, Kyle Dubee

Biocraft came to be as a reaction to what has been considered normal in the landscaping community. We started as a company dedicated to building sustainable landscapes for our clients and evolved into an ecosystem design company.

Many people ask- “What is ecosystem design?”

Ecosystem design uses functional techniques that allow clients to form a knowledge of and a partnership with their ecosystem- we collect locally sourced, sustainable materials, and use regenerative methods to create handcrafted, custom, energy efficient living landscapes thus merging the dwelling with the native ecosystem.

We incorporate all elements of the earth; water, fire, earth, air- into our thought processes before we begin work on a project.  We consider all of these elements before we create because they all work together and influence each other. This process allows us to alter the earth in a regenerative way that creates long term holistic benefits for both humans and the planet.


Simply put- many people do not even know types of trees in their yards, how big they get, or what they are good for.  We help our clients by educating them, starting with simple solutions to help them save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Biocraft remains dedicated to creating landscapes that empower clients to build a relationship with the ecosystem that surrounds them.

Here are a couple samples of the ecosystems that we have created. I hope that they spark interest in doing things differently as our story unfolds.




Interested in knowing more?

Let’s connect, and think about every plant we put in the ground and the ways in which we arrange them.  We get the shape the world we are living in! Actions we take on a daily basis can influence our future long term.  What do we want our world to look like in 5, 10, 20 years?