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By, Kyle Dubee


For me, one of the most magical things to see is the striking orange of a Chicken of the Woods mushroom against its wooded back drop.  Few things stand out like this mushroom and inspire me to look deeper into the ecology that surrounds it. A walk in the woods itself is an act of discovery, and the more you discover the more the story of nature begins to unfold.

John Muir said, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” this to me is the advent of one’s story.  I remember from my childhood learning about trees in simple ways that enabled me to understand something small, so that I could begin to understand things that were much larger.

Many people find themselves disconnected to nature because of the vastness of information, it makes them feel overwhelmed and that they could never learn the names of trees for example.

I believe that the most powerful way to learn about nature is to create a story that ties you to it.

As this blog develops I hope to share stories of my relationship with nature so that a story can develop for the readers and support in the creation of more intimate connection with the world around us.