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By, Kyle Dubee & Jes Carey


How do I keep a garden for all seasons?

Gardening is self discovery.  Being good at gardening means knowing yourself and what you are willing to commit to.

These small raised cold frames above, allow for gardening all winter long.  Not all of us are accustomed to plunging out into twenty degrees to gather some lettuce, but with little effort, you can receive a huge bounty of fresh veggies in all seasons.

There’s a couple options that are really easy and save you trips to the grocery store for the beginner gardener.  We build cold frames for our clients because we support the grower and the growing process. Like Ron Finley once said, “growing vegetables is like printing your own money? Plant some shit”

So let’s look at the challenges; It’s cold- most people get cabin fever because they don’t go outside in the winter- what would you rather do—  Suit up to go out to local grocer for a few odds and ends OR wear your cozy Pjs out to backyard for a scrum diddily umptous prize of seasonal veggies!

What bragging rights you’ll have….dinner parties will be packed with interested neighbors amazed at your dedication to backyard magic and soil building- stay tuned for our blog on soil building and how easy it is to transform your tiny dull city corner spot into a healthy dinner harvest.